Lyndsay & Ed Engagement

September 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I met Lyndsay and Ed at Piers Park in Boston in the later morning hours on a Sunday. While talking with Lyndsay in planning the shoot, she left a salutation of "thanks a  million." My Irish knowledge kicked in, and I immediately asked if she had any Irish in her, or if she had lived in Ireland. She had studied abroad in Dublin for six months and had picked up some of the good ole Irish sayings. So fun! These two met online, and all I can say is that they were well matched. They are so kind and considerate to each other, and when they look at each other it looks like they have known one another for a life time. Piers Park was a place Lyndsay has frequented with her grandmother through out her life, so it held a lot of special meaning. I had brought umbrellas along just in case, which it turned out the case was a kids play area water fountain. Ed and Lyndsay humored me with playing under the "rain" for some fun shots at the end of the shoot. Over all awesome!


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