Kristen & Wally // Seagate Inn

December 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Kristen and Wally love boats, so it was perfect that their wedding was at an inn right next to the ocean. Kristen has the most infectious laugh and smile, and Wally can get pretty Jolly, especially when his pals are around to crack a joke or make a crazy face. The groomsmen were definitely into photos and I got  a lot of funny faces out of them. The bridal party was delayed by a train to get to the church, but we made it in time for the ceremony to begin at a pretty little church full of very colorful stained glass. Lots of hugs went around at the receiving line, and then there was a bit of a break for everyone to head back to the Seagate Inn for the cocktail hour and reception. The wedding party and I headed to the docks, which also came a long with an icy wind. It was a race to get photos before most of the poor ladies turned blue, but we still managed to get photos that look like it was a hot summer day with a  sea breeze. 

Kristen and Wally had practiced a traditional Polish dance for their first dance and had quite the tempo to keep up for a good several minutes. It was quite impressive. The best man made a hilarious speech, the maid of honor was so sweet and sentimental,, and the DJ pumped out some classics and some polish pop dance hits.  The cake was elegant, dinner was superb and the drinks were flowing by the time dancing came along. Wally and Kristen shared a really sweet moment during the cake cutting. At the point when the crowd was starting to get worked up over whether the bride and groom were going to slosh each other with cake, Wally took the matter into his own hands and pasted his face with frosting. Kristen of course burst out in giggles, and then the bride and groom happily mingled with their guests, as the dance floor was filled and energized. So happy to have been a part of such a lovely day. 


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