Elena & Cole // Denver Nature & Science Museum

June 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

When my good friend from AmeriCorps, Cole, asked me to photograph his and Elena's wedding I think there was a lot of squealing on my end of the phone. I knew it was going to be an awesome party, and a really special day. I stayed with the bride and groom in their apartment in downtown Denver a week before leading up to the wedding, and got an even more in depth behind the scenes view of their sweet, jokester filled relationship. They call each other by their last names, just as any good team mate would do. 

I had my lovely friend , Courtney of Courtney Elizabeth Photography, assist me on the day. Cole's favorite college football team were his best man, and our good friend, Max's, team that same day, so the gents got ready in the apartment while the game played on the big screen. Elena and her ladies prepped in a hotel downtown Denver, all dressed in the cutest flannel pjs, Elena had bought for everyone. 

Cole had worked with the wedding coordinators to make a special spot for Elena and Cole to have a first look, and they got cozy while a couple homeless men serenaded them with a sing along to a boom box they were carrying. 

The wind was whipping freezing air everywhere, so after a quick photo session with all of the wedding party with a back drop of a gorgeous sunset behind the city sky line, Cole and Elena's ceremony was held at the Denver Nature and Science Museum. It was a love filled sweet ceremony, holding all the same qualities of Elena and Cole's relationship. Cole's family friend from Ohio officiated, and Emily, another AmeriCorps friend, gave the most tear jerking speech. I definitely welled up through the whole thing. 

Dinner was served but not with out some games. A version of Apples to Apples was created for Cole and Elena by friends, as a way for Cole and Elena to choose the order of tables for the buffet. A quiz was held through the whole dinner asking various questions about Cole and Elena's lives, and every correct answer was rewarded with a kiss from the couple. Even the dance floor was filled with thoughtful details. Cole and Elena had taken dance lessons and wowed the crowd with their routine, and another game was played involving shoes of the bride and groom and big head signs. It all culminated into a dance circle at the end of the night with a sing along to Elton John and the bride and groom twirling around surrounded by the ones they love most. It was spectacular, and I was so honored to be a part of it all. 





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