Liz & Ari Wedding // Quonquont Farm

January 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

There is no better setting than an orchard and a barn for a wedding. Make that one specific orchard and barn at Quonquont Farm and you will have one happy photographer. Janelle, master of festivities of Quonquont is always so accommodating and professional, she makes the day a breeze to work. It also doesn't hurt to have an amazing duo to witness getting married.  Liz and Ari are one of the most thoughtful and welcoming couple that I've had the privilege to work with. Having gone to high school with Liz, I was so happy to reconnect with her and some of her lovely brides maids and family members I knew. I loved this wedding, because not only was it in a pretty place, but Liz and Ari have this infectiously fun energy in their relationship that radiates out into the world and all the people that surround them. They are serious when they need to be, but will crack a funny face or joke any chance they get, which are just the type of people I like to call friends. 

Liz and Ari exchanged letters just before they had their first look in front of the Quonquont's old silos. Ari had the reaction that every bride/photographer is dreaming of during a first look. It was really precious how excited he was to see Liz all dressed up in her finery and ready to make their promises to each other. After a rapid fire photoshoot of family portraits, we all convened in the dining room for the Ketubah signing. I really love Jewish wedding traditions. They feel so connected and symbolic of the home.

A looming thunderstorm and humid weather changed the ceremony location to a more intimate space inside the barn, but that made it all the merrier during the lovely traditional pieces of their Jewish ceremony with the lighting of symbolic candles, the chuppah, each parent having a special part, the readings all  surrounded by twinkling lights and happy well wishing friends.  Ari could not stop looking at his beautiful bride with deep meaningful glances, and of course with two people so in tune with one another, their vows followed a similar thread of being grateful to one another for being strong independent people, willing to fight for each other and for others. 

The storm clouds moved past without a spit of rain, and sunshine appeared in time for the cocktail hour on the patio and some couple's portraits. Back inside the barn, speeches were given by Liz's dad, Ari's parents, best man and best lady before the breaking of bread by Ari's brother and his family, and Hillside Catering served dinner. Liz's cousin made their cake which was decorated with pansies, all part of Liz and Ari's French countryside spring theme. Cake cutting lead into Liz and Ari's first dance, beautifully choreographed to show the lovely spin factor on Liz's dress. Of course the Horah was amazing, especially experiencing it on the second circle out. As a photographer in the middle of it you better be ready to claim your space! I love the energy of that dance, and Liz's family members put on a great display for them. The DJ lit up the night for the rest of the evening, and I saw some pretty epic dance moves, especially from the groom and some bridesmaids. I have never seen some of these moves executed so seriously and so well before. It was the best! All festivities were wrapped up with a nod to the couple and their friend's  favorite show Les Miserables, which is also a nod to Liz and Ari's commitment to their civic engagement in their life's work. All in all, a lovely day I would say. 



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