Lauren & Zach Wedding // Montague Retreat Center

February 04, 2017

What a year for me to reconnect with  so many lovely people I went to high school with. I was so excited when Lauren approached me to photograph her day! She met her sweet husband Zach, while riding the elevator in the building they both lived in. According to them they both noticed each other, but it took some time before there was courage enough to introduce themselves. Talk about a dream start to a love story! Their wedding was held at the ever amazing Montague Retreat Center on a perfect, sunny July day. Lauren's hair and makeup was prepped to every photographer's dream, and her dress! Gold lacey hues with Lauren's figure gave everything an air of regal elegance. I was smitten with the bright pops of blue in all of the flower arrangements by the Botaniste, that also matched the brilliancy of the sky that day. The table arrangements were stunning, giving everything a woodsy nymph feel with moss and lanterns, and a rose petal heart in the middle of the rock patio under the tent capped everything off.

The ceremony was sweet with a mix of traditional pieces. The tying of the knot sealed their bond and the breaking of the glass started their celebration. After some sweets moments taking photos with Lauren's grand parents, the wedding party played in the fields, before I sent everyone to party and kept Lauren and Zach in the gorgeous light of the late afternoon. The cocktail hour under the willow tree flowed into dinner under the tent by Hillside Pizza, and sweet loving speeches for the couple. 

I stole Lauren and Zach to bask in the last rays of sun of the day, before heading to the barn for dances and party time. Cake cutting moved into epic dancing time as well as a contentious bouquet tossing thwarted by the bunting decorations. A second bouquet was fetched and a happy lady received it. To round up the evening of dance, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was the final song that brought a spirited sing-along-party-hard dance from Zach and Lauren surrounded by people they loved. Out the doors and through a sea of sparklers brought this night to a happy end for these two love birds. So very honored to have witnessed it.