James & Amanda Wedding // Montague Retreat Center

March 09, 2017

James and Amanda had a lovely late fall day at the Montague Retreat Center for their sweet, love filled day. They each had a pack of friends that were those loyal, ride or die type of friends that everyone wants around them. And the goofy, love-able sweetness that surrounded each moment of the day made this one of my favorites of the year. 

We orchestrated a first look for them before photos with family, and it was the best. One of the top reactions from a groom that I have witnessed. These two awesome people have a deep connection from all their time they have spent together in life and also on their travels along the Long Trail which had solidified their commitment to one another. Their table set ups were named from Long Trail shelters, and lanterns were the center pieces adorned with orange dhalias. 

Their ceremony brought tears of happiness and a lovely pebble blessing ceremony. As they walked down the aisle after they had been presented as husband and wife, they were so serenely happy it was as if they were in their own magical bubble of calm and goodness. A receiving line of hugs afterwards led to the cocktail hour under the willow tree, and photo time for couple and I. This was the first wedding I felt like I was able to get the couple through all of the poses and lighting scenarios I have ever wanted or dreamed of because of how relaxed their schedule and they were. 

The reception followed with catering by Hillside Organic Catering under the tent with the cooler September air wafting through to relieve some of the Indian Summer warmth of the day. A tearful speech by Amanda's mom and a surprise of a childhood treasure given for Amanda's keepsake in her new married life, was followed by an amazing performance by Amanda's brides maids/man. This was one of those weddings where it felt like everyone was family. A fun game by the DJ had James finally choosing his bride while being blindfolded and guessing by only the touch of her hand brought everyone back up to the barn for dancing. And what dancing! There were actual professional dancers on the floor, I'm not kidding. It was amazing. The bonfire was lit and everyone bubbled about under the starry sky and happy times. Loved being a part of this amazing wedding.