Karen & Tim Wedding // Union Station

March 04, 2017

Karen and Tim described their first date as a series of mishaps that ended perfectly on a playground at a park, where they talked the night away. This fun loving couple had probably the hottest day of the summer to marry, but it made it all the more to laugh about. I met Karen and her ladies at her parents' home for some getting ready behind the scenes moments. Karen has the most beautiful smile, and I couldn't stop taking photos of it. Also her bouquets were made from silk flowers, but they were some of the most well done silk flower arrangements I had ever seen! 

We headed over to the church, where I caught Tim and his gents getting last minute advice on pocket squares. This was Karen's church where she had grown up. The priest knew her well and had lots of funny stories to tell about her which made everyone giggle. This was also the first church that the priest gave me advice on how to get the best angles, so I was free to roam the back and the doors! It was the best low light church wedding I've had! After a sweet exchange  promises and rings Karen and Tim and their wedding party clamored into the air conditioned limo to head over to the park that Karen and Tim had their first date at for pictures. Due to a blazing sun and bright light we decided to stay in the shade of the trees right to the side of the playground that first brought these two together. 

Another trip to Union Station in Northampton and some portrait time in the Tunnel Bar, brought us to cocktail hour and a time out in the wedding suite for Karen and Tim and their crew. Their announcement into the amazing reception hall of Union Station started the tears flowing for the rest of the hour. Their first dance was choreographed in the sweetest little motions that had parents wiping eyes and happy teary smiles held by all the guests. Then Karen's Dad took the mic for his speech and all waterworks were turned loose straight on through to Tim's Dad, with some sweet words for Tim's mother, who had passed away a few years ago. I knew Cathy and boy it was hard to look through my view finder for a few minutes. We all took a deep breath and dinner moved into cake cutting which moved into dance time. There were some epic lights on this dance floor which I made the most of. Such a lovely day for two lovely people!