Sara & Ty Wedding // Montague Retreat Center

March 04, 2017

Sara and Ty's wedding was the type of wedding you want to be a part of in any capacity. Super loyal and close people all gathered in one spot, and from what I've learned working alongside her brother Jacob over the years, this family knows how to party. The Montague Retreat Center once again provided a stunning backdrop for this day in mid-August. We started with a little yoga time with the ladies, her brother, and father-of-the-bride, Wayne. There was so much energy already starting from the morning that we floated through the day feeling like we were all embraced by a giant hug. Sara and her ladies moved into their suite to start getting ready, as Ty arrived with his gents to joke and hang around before it was time to suit up. Jacob and his pals were on duty making sure all the details were put together and in motion. 

Sara and Ty had their first look on the other side of the barn. Both of them were beaming at each other and could not stop hugging. All the merrier for me! The hubbub moved up the hill to start the ceremony. It was a warm day but the men in suits bore it well. The florals were packed full of pink dahlias and I had a hard time not snapping a million and one photos of them, or the ladies that carried them! One of Sara's bridesmaids was a professional violinist and played while all awaited the bride. The processional that brought Sara down the aisle sparked a fountain of tears for both bride and groom. It was probably one of the sweetest ceremony moments I've seen. Wayne was the officiant and was Jacob a bridesman (yes!). Sara's mom, Heidi, gave a tearful reading, as did Janice and John, Ty's mom and dad. Sara and Ty's promises to one another sparked a giggle throughout the crowd as they each pulled out their phones to read their custom vows.  Lovely words were expressed by each, which were then sealed with a candle lighting unity ceremony. The slight breeziness of the day made for a spontaneous family bonding moment as all four parents and the couple strategized and worked together to keep the candle lit. It was agreed that since the wick had at least burned a bit, that was satisfying enough! Talk about a unity ceremony; it was all hands on deck. With the challenge solved and ceremony completed, their first kiss led them back up the aisle back into the grove of bushes that became the backdrop of some of my favorite images of the day. 

Down to cocktail hour and the wrangling of all the lovely people of the wedding party and families for formal portraits! We took advantage of the light and the very cool old greenhouse on the property. Afterwards, I scuttled around taking in all the glorious details of the reception area. Tyronne is a talented, and to pay homage to his craft, each tabled was named after a famous rap artist or group. The odd mix of pretty pinks and golden elephants with cut wood and the name of a hardcore rapper made for one of favorite reception setups to date. I don't know if anyone can top it really. Jacob (being Jacob) also took on the role of MC and announced the wedding party. This rolled into lots of lovely little speeches and brought tears, hugs, giggles and a whole lot of love. Jacob was the last to give his speech that was probably the best speech I have ever heard.  He wove his tales of of knowing Ty and Sara's long term relationship from all angles by embracing his little brother third wheel status and having a third eye into their relationship as he has seen them through out all the stages of growth. Due to a limit on this page I will not be able to share the whole speech, and maybe also to protect his copyright on it (it's that good.) Basically it brought the house down and a fitting tribute to the generous, loving couple that is Tyronne and Sara. 

Hillside Pizza served up all the awesomeness for dinner and I grabbed Ty and Sara for a few photos during golden hour before their first dance and the cake cutting. The DJ took over the reigns from there, and there was so much spirited dancing to behold and photograph. Guests drifted in and out of the barn, circled the fire, chatted by the the bar under the willow tree, and made themselves ice cream sundaes. The party heated up inside with some exciting dance-offs between ladies and gents. Even through the ever amazing Ty had hurt his ankle a few days prior, he could not let that stop him from all the fun his boys were stirring up. I think the last post of this blog sums it all up as the party continued and I drifted home under the starlight. So happy to have been witness to such a special celebration!


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