Jordan & Jamie Wedding // Blithewold Mansion, Rhode Island

April 28, 2017

Jordan and Jamie's wedding was the wedding that everyone dreams about having. It was a gorgeous October day, warm like summer but colors ebbing towards peak foliage season. The both had a gaggle of best friends get ready with them at cool hip spots doing cool hip things before the ceremony time. The ceremony was at a mansion. That's right, a sweet mansion in Rhode Island with sweeping verandas of the bay and grounds that would make any gardener go weak in the knees. Jordan and Jamie are both from that group of people that are always cool and you always want to hang out with and you can because they are so generous and humble. Their first look was filled with tears and laughter, with knowing the moment and the day were significant, but also not wanting to take themselves too seriously. 

The ceremony took place in the garden of the right wing of the mansion with a great view of the ocean and surrounded the whole party in flowers. I still have the song that their wedding party came down the aisle to, so unconventional and cool. There were no strict bridesmaids and groomsmen it was just: wedding party. Jordan in her dress was a site to behold as she came down the aisle with her bother by her side. It was like watching Beyonce march onto stage, the wind was blowing just right and her stride possessed all of the might that this lovely woman holds. Everything that was done had their personality all over it. Their vows were sealed with a knot tying ceremony and the triumphant couple waltzed down the aisle in a bubble of joy.

Our group photos were marked by a hawk having found a fresh dinner on the ground beside our background of choice. Always good to have a bit of wild life mixed in with your wedding day. Then Jamie, Jordan and I frolicked among the flowers and the epic sunset to capture their portraits, before they joined their guests for cocktail hour and lawn games. Speeches by Jordan's sister and Jamie's Dad started off the reception. Some of the best speeches I have heard, they had the right amount of information in them to know (without previously knowing this couple) that they were a force to be reckoned with both in their careers and athletic lives. It all came to fruition on the dance floor for their first dance, which I have to say, is the best first dance I have ever witnessed. So much passion, trust and confidence in both of them. The pictures speak for themselves I think. And of course what is any best wedding ever without a live band? They played the crowd into the full moon night under the sparkly lit tent. Very happy to have been a part of such an event and I wish this couple a lot of happiness.