Time Bandit Photography | Jenn & Andrew Wedding // Irvine Nature Center, Baltimore

Jenn & Andrew Wedding // Irvine Nature Center, Baltimore

July 20, 2017

I mean what can I say about such a rad couple with such a lovely wedding? Also when you work with someone in AmeriCorps, like Jenn and I did we always like a good story. It will definitely be tucked into the most memorable wedding pile. Jenn and her ladies got hair and makeup done in downtown Baltimore at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, before heading out to the Irvine Nature Center to get the final touches and dressing. It was a warm humid June day, but sunny! The clouds had parted from the earlier part of the day, so we were in total gear for the outdoor ceremony. Jenn and her mom's veil floated down to the first look, totally carefree and happy. Then we all scooted down to the ceremony site, where the guests had gathered. A considerable distance from the safe of tents and buildings. Is this all foreshadowing? Of course it is! 

I arrived at the ceremony site just as a big black cloud was looming in and cutting off the sun. The guests and I experienced a bit of a heavy sprinkle, and the Wedding Ninja wedding coordinators and I just hemmed and hawed over the radar. It looked like it was passing and we would have nothing to worry about, so onward came Andrew with his brother and father to start the processional. The clouds parted and a gorgeous ray of sunshine filtered through the trees as Jenn and her dad came down the aisle. I was a bit teary eyed for sure. Readings were read, giggles were had, and then vows were begun. And just like that the heavens decided they would open up. Thank goodness some people were prepared. (Note: not me though, as I panicked  thinking I should just wrangle an umbrella from a guest and apologize later, the miracle of working in a pizza shop and having forethought for such occasions, produced a couple clear plastic bags from my camera bag to cover my cameras. Thank the photo gods! I also want to disclose that I am ALWAYS over prepared for rain on wedding days, I usually have 8 umbrellas in my car at all times, but the travel and promise of sunshine played me) Andrew's brother grabbed an umbrella and dutifully sacrificed himself to the rain, so they could continue their vow exchange. Which they did! And the rain made it that much more intimate for them, because now it was just the two of them that could hear one another through the heavy patter of rain on umbrellas. The first kiss was savored and then a rush down the aisle with guests in tow brought everyone back up to the tent and sunshine (of course!)

After some sopping up, and people using the hand dryers in bathrooms for clothes and hair, we ventured out into the gorgeous sunshine for family and wedding party portraits, followed by some lovely couple's portrait time. We didn't forget our ugly face photo sessions, which are always a favorite with Jenn. Still going strong all of these years!

Jenn and Andrew were then announced into the festivities directly into their first dance and speeches. A family style meal, an awesome band, s'mores by a fire and a personalized photo cake kept everyone in a good mood, as people danced the night away. What a wedding, and what a couple. So easy going and happy even in the middle of a rain storm on their wedding day. They rocked it!

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